Kuitar Bounce

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Kuitar Bounce being performed on the 1st orb crate during Fire Canyon Skip
Figure 1: Kuitar Bounce diagram with visualized 'find-ground-point' spider mesh.

Kuitar Bounce, sometimes called Arch Bounce or Bobby Bounce, is a movement technique that can be used during Fire Canyon Skip to move past orb crates. The bounce involves Jak being magnetized towards an object and landing in a safe zone on the opposite side that does not result in another magnetization, allowing Jak to continue.


There is currently no consistent way to get Kuitar Bounce. The video below shows a setup that has a higher chance of getting the bounce, but is not guaranteed to work.


Within the game, there exists a function called find-ground-point that begins checking for nearby objects to bounce Jak to when he is in his bouncing state. While normally invisible, the function can be displayed as a spider mesh within the game to visually see how it operates. An example of this can be seen in Figure 1. If an object is detected within the boundaries of the spider mesh as Jak lands on the ground, the game will bounce, or magnetize, Jak towards that object. In certain instances, Jak will bounce towards the object and land in a position where the object is no longer within the boundaries of the spider mesh. This will prevent Jak from bouncing towards the object any further, thus resulting in a Kuitar Bounce.


Kuitar Bounce was discovered by Kuitar in July 2018 when attempting to find a way to get around the first orb crate during Fire Canyon Skip attempts.

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