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A Super Boosted being performed on the Misty Island *ice-surface*.

A super boosted, or an ice boosted, is when Jak performs a boosted uppercut while Jak's surface is set to *ice-surface*.

Misty Island surfaces that were mistakenly given the *ice-surface* property.

The movement technique was originally called "Super Boosted" because it was theorized that 2 or more boosted uppercuts were executing at the same time. Eventually, it was discovered that the surfaces where it could be performed mistakenly had *ice-surface* properties assigned to it.


In order to get a super boosted, Jak needs to begin a punch from a normal surface and end the punch on the ice surface. The uppercut needs to be performed while on an ice surface.


Explanation taken from the Boosted Uppercut page.

When Jak walks off a ledge, he enters a collision mode called low-coverage. When in this mode, Jak's surface is changed to *edge-surface* which has lower than normal friction. Performing a punch uppercut while in this low friction mode results in a lot more momentum than normal friction.

Note that this is also why ice boosteds, or super boosteds, work. The friction value for *ice-surface* is even lower. However, if you fall off an edge of ice, you'll get switched back to *edge-surface* and get a normal boosted uppercut instead.

*ice-surface* Values

(let ((v1-43 (new 'static 'surface
               :name '*ice-surface*
               :turnv 0.5
               :turnvv 1.0
               :tiltv 1.0
               :tiltvv 1.0
               :transv-max 1.5
               :target-speed 1.5
               :seek0 24576.0
               :seek90 24576.0
               :seek180 24576.0
               :fric 23756.8
               :nonlin-fric-dist 4091904.0
               :slip-factor 0.7
               :slope-slip-angle 16384.0
               :bend-speed 4.0
               :alignv 1.0
               :slope-up-traction 1.0
               :align-speed 1.0
               :turnvf 1.0
               :turnvvf 1.0
               :tiltvf 1.0
               :tiltvvf 1.0
               :vel-turn 1.0
               :flags (surface-flag no-turn-around turn-to-pad)
  (set! *ice-surface* v1-43)
  (set! (-> v1-43 exit-hook) nothing)
  (set! (-> v1-43 mult-hook) (the-as (function surface surface surface int none) nothing))
  (set! (-> v1-43 touch-hook) nothing)
  (set! (-> v1-43 active-hook) nothing)


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