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Wastelander Moves being used on Metal Kor during the final boss fight of Jak II.

The Wastelander Move is a combination move in Jak II: Renegade and Jak 3 that pairs punching or spin kicking with the Blaster gun. Chaining the two attacks together allows Jak to then fire an additional rapid burst of ammunition. The term was coined in Jak II by Sig, a combat expert and "Wastelander", during the Blaster Mod training mission.

The Wastelander Move also has application with the Vulcan Fury which skips the slow spin-up process of the weapon.

Extended Techniques

The player can exploit the rapid-fire buff by spinning and shooting while airborne. The effect is an easily repeatable and more continuous stream of fire with lower accuracy and longer duration. The player may also chain this aerial spin shot into a standard, focused burst by shooting again while Jak is landing back to the ground.

This extended application is valuable in situations where a high rate of damage and relatively low precision is applicable.


The Wastelander Move was an intentional technique made by the developers and is taught to you by the in-game character, Sig, when Jak acquires the Blaster Mod weapon.

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