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Performing a zoom walk in Snowy Mountain

A zoom walk is a movement technique used in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy to maintain Jak's grounded state while in the air. Zoom walking is performed by pressing triangle to enter first person mode while walking off of an elevated surface. While in first person mode, double tap triangle in a rhythm similar to a heartbeat and hold a direction on the analog stick (usually forward). These double tap inputs will take Jak out of first persona mode, allow him to walk a small distance, and then put Jak back into first person mode to maintain the grounded state. Repeating this cycle of inputs will allow Jak to walk in the air as he descends.

Since zoom walking maintains Jak's grounded state in the air, this also allows Jak to also perform a number of limited movement techniques after exiting first person mode, such as jumping, punching, and spin kicking. Zoom walking can also be used to store boosted uppercuts and allow Jak to change his position and direction before performing it.


On the NTSC version running at 60Hz, you are given a 14 frame time period in between triangle button inputs to maneuver Jak. If you fail to enter back into first person mode after 15 frames, Jak will enter his normal falling animation. Once you re-enter first person mode with the second input of the triangle button, you must wait ~13 frames (depending on the camera's distance away from Jak) for Jak to fully enter first person mode and reset the grounded state. If you exit first person mode during this ~13 frame wait time, Jak's grounded state will not be reset and Jak will enter his falling animation.


The zoom walk was first discovered by the speedrunner Abahbob.

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