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Performing a jump pad one frame in Sentinel Beach

A jump pad one frame, or commonly called a one frame, is a movement technique exclusive to Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy that is used to interrupt the jump pad animation and regain control of Jak while in the air.

Jump pad one frames are commonly used in speedruns as an optional time save technique, most notably in Boggy Swamp and Final Boss. Many runners opt to use a metronome or piece of music at either 240 or 120 bpm as an aid to execute the technique more consistently.


In 60Hz mode (NTSC or PAL60), this animation interruption is achieved by pressing the circle button to perform a spin kick exactly 15 frames after initiating the jump. The player has exactly one frame to input the spin kick, which gives the technique its name. The camera angle will remain in the intended position as if a normal jump pad jump has occurred and will not revert back to normal until Jak enters his grounded state. If a jump pad has a programmed path that Jak is intended to follow during usage, that path will also remain active similarly to the camera angle.


It is unknown who performed a Jump Pad One Frame first since it can easily occur in casual play.

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