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Autosave Prompt that appears when the memory stick is removed.

Removing the memory stick from a PSP, PSVita, or emulator will bring up the Autosave Disabled prompt. When this prompt is active, the Teleporter Menu Storage menu options will not detect Cross (X) or Circle button inputs. This allows Daxter to jump and spin without teleporting to one of the location options in the teleporter menu.


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Console prompts take precedence over in-game prompts. In this scenario, the "autosave disabled" console prompt overrides the in-game teleporter menu prompt when detecting button inputs, but it does not override the game detecting inputs in general. This means the rest of the game is registering button inputs, just not the active in-game teleporter menu prompt. Once the console prompt is closed, the in-game prompt takes authority again and begins detecting button inputs as normal.


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