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Infinite bounce in Fire Canyon

Fire Canyon Skip, or FCS for short, is a skip in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy that bypasses the 20 power cell requirement needed to enter the second hub area (Rock Village). There is a safeguard in place that bounces Jak back to his last known grounded position if he tries stepping on the fiery canyon terrain. By using ground cancel jumps, Jak is able to approach the canyon terrain without the game updating his grounded position. By Jak never having his grounded position updated, the game never enables the safeguard. Jak is then able to jump onto the canyon surface and initiate an infinite bounce. Although damage is dealt during the infinite bouncing, Jak's death sequence will not initiate unless he is in a grounded state.

During the course of the infinite bounce, the game is trying to find a grounded surface to bounce Jak to. If Jak gets too close to any object or surface that he is able to stand on, the game will take over and magnetize Jak's bounces towards that surface. There are four areas that regularly trigger this magnetization effect and are commonly called "the four horsemen" in reference to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


The code snippet below is what checks for Jak's last known grounded position.

(let ((s4-0 (find-ground-point (-> arg0 control) (new 'stack-no-clear 'vector) 8192.0 40960.0)))

     (set! s4-0 (cond
                  (s4-0 ;; if we found it, use that
                    ;; failed to find it. Use the last known safe ground point instaed.
                    (-> arg0 control last-known-safe-ground)

The Four Horsemen

First Crate

The first obstacle, or the first horseman, of Fire Canyon Skip is the first bridge with an orb crate. Often referred to as "first crate", the angles needed to bounce around the crate are so tight that most attempts end here. There is a setup that can assist with bouncing around the crate, but even then the success rate is still extremely low.

Second Crate

The second obstacle, or the second horseman, is the second bridge with an orb crate. Often referred to as "second crate", this obstacle is much more forgiving since this bridge is much wider than the first. There is a setup that involves precise camera rotation and allows for a very consistent completion rate.


The third obstacle, or the third horseman, is the third ramp Jak encounters in the the canyon. Often referred to as just "ramp", this obstacle is positioned much closer to the right canyon wall and the left path around the ramp is blocked by dark eco crates which can not be bypassed. There is a setup for riding the wall around the ramp, but it requires two very precise jumps.

Dark Eco Crates

This final obstacle, or the fourth horsemen, is a set of two dark eco crate bundles. The game considers the top of dark eco crates to be a viable area to trigger Jak's death animation, so infinite bounces will be magnetized towards dark eco crate if Jak gets too close. Jak's death sequence will trigger if he lands on top of the crates, but not if he slams into the sides of them. With good timing and spacing, Jak can be magnetized towards the dark eco crates as he begins a bounce. This will bounce Jak into the side of the crates instead of landing him on top of the crates like the game wants to happen.


All versions of Fire Canyon Skip (FCS) were first theorized and performed by Bobbykaze. The first instance of Fire Canyon Skip being performed in a speedrun was by LouiGi on January 7, 2019.

Community Reaction to LouiGi's Speedrun

First RTA Completion

Skip Versions

FCS v1.0

The first version of Fire Canyon Skip took an approach similar to Lava Tube Skip v2.0, making use of an idle deload and checkpoint bypass. The skip would start with Jak waiting 30 seconds to perform his idle animation while in Fire Canyon. This would change Jak's stored level to Fire Canyon. Once Fire Canyon has been stored, Jak climbs over the left canyon wall to get out of bounds and maneuvers back to the Sandover Village checkpoint. Once Sandover Village becomes Jak's active level, a precise extended uppercut is used to perform a checkpoint bypass, allowing Jak to enter Fire Canyon while Sandover Village is still the active level (Sandover Village music will play while in Fire Canyon). After the bypass, Jak needs to perform an insane amount of blind ledge grabs and make his way deep enough into the canyon so that he is closer to the end of Fire Canyon than he is to the start. Once an idle deload is performed, the game will change Jak's stored level to his active level (Fire Canyon music will begin to play) and will set his checkpoint to the nearest one. In this case, the nearest checkpoint is at the end of Fire Canyon. Jak then dies and respawns at the end of Fire Canyon.


Why do you start FCS with double jumping three times after loading?

  • By performing ground cancel jumps, Jak is able to bypass the area that would tell the game to bounce Jak back to solid ground.

Are there going to be any new categories because of FCS?

  • The Any% category that preceded FCS has been added to the leaderboards as No FCS.

Who discovered FCS?

  • Bobbykaze, with help from Kuitar and LouiGi.

What is the best time someone can theoretically get in Any% with FCS?

  • The theorized best possible time for Any% is 15:3X.

Why do runners turn Jak backwards for FCS?

  • Jak moves slightly faster when he is bouncing backwards.

Why does the runner sometimes stop to take damage on a lurker?

  • If you get bounced over the first orb crate (sometimes referred to as Kuitar Bounce) rather than bouncing around it, the bounce will change Jak's position to facing forward. Taking damage on the lurker allows the runner to change Jak's position back to backwards so they can go faster. Also, the current setups rely on Jak facing backwards.

I'm a new runner and I can't get Jak to start bouncing on the lava, any tips?

  • Any% is not a good category to start with. It's recommended that you start with No LTS, No FCS, or 100%. Fire Canyon Skip is in its early stages and still needs much work before it becomes beginner friendly.

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