LPC Elevator Skip

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Performing the LPC elevator skip

LPC Elevator Skip, or just elevator skip, is a skip that abuses the Rock Village void plane to death warp to the first checkpoint in Lost Precursor City. When using the elevator to enter Lost Precursor City (LPC), the game begins loading in the first half of Lost Precursor City and deloading Rock Village. When traveling down the elevator, Jak passes through the Rock Village void plane while the level is still loaded in, but since he is in a grounded state the death sequence does not trigger. By performing a precisely spaced out double jump spin, Jak will pass through the void plane while in the air. The spaced out inputs will ensure that Jak is in the air for 2 seconds after passing through the void plane, which tells the game that Jak has entered the void area and is in free fall. This will trigger the death sequence and place Jak at the newly loaded in Lost Precursor City checkpoint.