Red Sage Cutscene Skip

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Red Sage Cutscene Skip.gif

Red Sage cutscene skip is a skip in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy that allows a player to skip the cutscene that plays after opening the teleport gate in the Red Sage's lab. The skip is performed by using a pause buffer to delay the start of the cutscene once it is triggered. Jak then dies in the lava during the pause buffer and the cutscene starts after the player exits the start menu. The game attempts to play the cutscene but cannot since Jak is in a dead state. Once Jak respawns, the cutscene is flagged as watched and the game will assume the teleport gate has been opened as intended.

The Red Sage teleport gate needs to be opened to activate the gondola that takes Jak to Snowy Mountain.


There are different variants of Red Sage cutscene skip, but the current method was discovered by Sultra.