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A pause buffer occurs when a player presses L2/R2 and Start at the same time. The start menu tries to open, but gets delayed for 2.5 seconds by the heads up display (HUD). During these 2.5 seconds, the player is able to move around freely collecting precursor orbs and scout flies, but is unable to interact with any usable objects due to the game believing it is in a paused state. Jak cannot collect power cells during a pause buffer. At the end of the 2.5 seconds, the game will finally display the start menu and everything returns to normal once the player unpauses. A pause buffer can be ended early by triggering the "Press O to ..." prompt near usable objects or non-playable characters, or by zooming into Jak's goggles. This immediately removes the heads up display and forces the start menu to display.

To know that the player performed this glitch successfully, instead of just pulling up the HUD normally, the health icon on the top left corner of the HUD will not show the number of green eco pellets.

Unsuccessful Pause Buffer:

Unsuccessful Pause Buffer

Successful Pause Buffer:

Successful Pause Buffer


Pause buffers are utilized primarily in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy to perform an Idle Deload, Power Cell Animation Cancels, Blue Sage Cutscene Skip, Red Sage Cutscene Skip, and Citadel Skip. Pause buffers can also be performed in Jak II but have no applicable use.



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