Blue Sage Cutscene Skip

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The Blue Sage Cutscene allows for the player to use the zoomer in Precursor Basin, Flut Flut in Boggy Swamp, and talk to Keira to remove the Boulder to gain access to Mountain Pass.

This skip utilizes Pause Buffers twice and requires moderate precision and timing. To perform the skip:

1.) Perform a Pause Buffer and press/jump on the button inside of the Blue Sage's Hut.

2.) Once the Pause Menu comes up, save and load the game to respawn at the top of rock village.

Blue Sage Cutscene Skip pt. 1

3.) Pause Buffer again and roll towards the platforms on the left. Keep the camera somewhat to the left.

Blue Sage Cutscene Skip pt. 2

The cutscene is contained inside of a "bubble," and if the camera moves inside of this "bubble," the cutscene begins. There is a lot of room for the camera to move to the left, but to be as safe as possible, moving the camera all the way left will be the safest way to avoid the "bubble."