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Power cell cutscene skips occur when the camera is forced into a position that triggers a deload of environmental assets, including the power cell, as the cutscene is being triggered. It is theorized that the cutscene being canceled is caused by the power cell asset being deloaded.


Boggy Swamp Scoutfly Cell

This power cell cutscene skip best visualizes the deloading process that causes the cutscene skip to happen.

Snowy Mountain Fortress Cell

The power cell cutscene skip in the Snowy Mountain fortress is one of the most common and well known power cell cutscene skips. It has been utilized in the No LTS speedrun category for years, making it a well known skip within the speedrunning community.

Geyser Rock First Cell

The very first power cell you collect in the game is subject to the power cell cutscene skip. Originally found by hsblue on November 12, 2018, the first power cell in Geyser Rock has become another well known power cell cutscene skip due to its implementation in high level speedruns.


The first power cell cutscene skip was the one in the Snowy Mountain fortress. It was discovered by Monopoly4u on June 7, 2014.

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