Mar's Tomb Skip

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Mar's Tomb Skip is a Percent Warp in Jak II: Renegade that skips the majority of Acts 1 and 2. The skip can be performed any time after the introductory escape sequence, although some additional barrier skips are required to access the respective areas of Haven City. Performing the trick will grant the player access to Mar's Tomb prior to the Tests of Manhood. Triggering a cutscene in either the right or left tomb will cause a percentage warp that flags all missions prior to Mar's Tomb as being completed. This, in turn, gives Jak the Scatter Gun, Blaster Mod, Vulcan Fury, JET-Board, and a few weapon upgrades.


The skip involves loading the tomb's interior by accessing the elevator hidden within the foundation of Mar's Statue. This can be done by exploiting the foundation walls' lack of a corresponding ceiling, letting the player pass over them and move out of bounds. In speedruns, passing the exterior walls is typically done by gaining enough height with a Zoomer through exploiting environmental geometry. Once out of bounds, the player can then either take the elevator into the tomb or load the appropriate checkpoint.