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Kleiver Skip is a skip in Jak 3 which allows players to access the desert earlier than intended.

In normal gameplay, after completing the first arena challenge at the start of the game, upon leaving the arena a cutscene will play where Kleiver asks Jak to ride a leaper and catch 6 kanga-rats. When this mission is triggered, it locks the door to the garage from opening until this mission and the subsequent mission (Unlock Satellite) have been completed. Furthermore, after completing Unlock Satellite, visiting the garage forces the player to do a driving tutorial before they can fully explore the desert (restarting mission after the driving tutorial would prevent having to also do the race first). By avoiding the cutscene trigger, it is possible to go straight to the garage and thus into the desert, as the door will not be locked. There are several ways in which this can be bypassed:

  • Most simply, by walking slightly through the door into the hallway leading out of the arena, then walking back into the arena and dying in the lava below. This will respawn Jak far enough outside the arena to avoid the mission trigger.
  • In Hero Mode only, by performing a Jetboard jump into a spot in the corner of the hallway, then performing a concussor spin jump through the hallway to avoid touching the ground in the area where the mission triggers.
  • In Hero Mode only, by performing a precise Jetboard jump through the hallway (this can be made slightly easier by dismounting the jetboard just before touching the ground for a little extra distance).
  • By performing a proxy jump on a flag inside the arena and directing Jak into Spargus City.

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