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Entering BTR with an active side mission.

Break Through Ruins Skip, or more commonly called BTR Skip, is a way to skip having to use the Slam Dozer to complete the mission Break Through Ruins. By entering the Palace Ruins with a side mission timer active, you can prevent the enemies and other assets from loading in correctly. This effect also transfers into the Break Through Ruins mission, causing the Slam Dozer and enemies to not spawn. This allows Jak to continue on foot and complete the mission much quicker by hovering over walls and other collision.



By entering the Break Through Ruins mission while a side mission is active, the side mission timer disappears and the sequence that ends the side mission is indefinitely delayed. This active side mission storage prevents the enemies and other assets in Break Through Ruins from loading in, as well as preventing Jak from spawning in the Slam Dozer. While on foot, Jak is able to navigate to the end of the level and use the restart mission menu option. This ends the active side mission and spawns Jak at the end checkpoint of the Break Through Ruins mission. Jak is then free to walk behind around the last barrier and trigger the cutscene at the end of the mission.


BTR skip was first discovered by Dexz in June 2021, but that variant lost a lot of time and was not used in runs. The current variant was discovered on April 3, 2022 by TheZanderful.

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