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Krew skip is an exploit in Jak II: Renegade that allows Jak to skip the last two cycles of the fight with Krew. When Jak attacks Krew, both with weapons and with melee attacks, Krew will become airborne for a brief moment. By pinning Krew between a wall and Jak, it is possible to attack Krew into his airborne phase and prevent him from landing back on the ground. If Krew remains airborne for too long, the game will believe that Krew is stuck and will trigger a fail-safe that ends the fight.

There exist alternative methods for doing Krew skip, but they are slower. One alternative method involves using the peacemaker stacking technique to fire five peacemaker shots at once. Hitting Krew with five peacemaker shots at once while he has a specific amount of health in the second phase will drop his health to zero and skip the third phase entirely.

The other alternative method is using the Dark Bomb ability as Dark Giant. This will send Krew in the air for a long enough time to trigger the fail-safe which ends the fight. While this method is the simplest to perform, it ends up being slower since time is wasted unlocking the Dark Jak abilities required for the skip.


The skip happens because of how collision affects Krew's three different states.

Collision Types

  • Type 1 - Ground collision
  • Type 2 - Wall collision
  • Type 3 - Contact collision

Krew States

  • Hostile
  • Knocked
  • Die

When Krew is on the ground, he is in the Hostile state and will attempt to attack Jak. When Krew takes damage and is sent airborne, he is in the Knocked state. Once he is no longer airborne and makes contact with the ground again, he is set back to the Hostile state. If Krew's life bar is completely depleted, he will enter the Die state, which ends the fight. By precisely pinning Krew between a wall and Jak, Krew is able to be sent airborne with an attack from Jak. If the angle is correct, Krew will be sent into his airborne Knocked state and be unable to touch the ground to reenter his Hostile state. If Krew is unable to reenter his Hostile state, the game will assume that Krew is stuck and something has gone wrong. The game will then trigger a fail-safe that sets Krew to his Die state, ending the fight and preventing what the game perceived to be a potential softlock.

Peacemaker Stacking Variant

Dark Bomb Variant


The first person to unintentionally perform Krew skip was Raccoon_1337 in October 2014 during a Jak II Any% race. On May 30, 2016, Dexz performed Krew skip using the Dark Bomb ability. In March 2020, Blahpy was messing with Krew skip on emulator with collision mesh enabled and got the skip multiple times with the wall pin method. Later that day, hsblue would perform the pin method of Krew skip on Playstation 2 and BurkeMaverick would perform it on Playstation 4.

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