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In some of the Jak and Daxter games, there are hidden pictures of the game developers.

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

The ripped fin-leafygroundBACKdirt.png texture that contains the hidden face.
Landscape photo of the Hidden Face.

In Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, there is a texture file called fin-leafygroundBACKdirt.png in the finalboss-vis-tfrag textures folder which contains a hidden face baked into the image. The texture repeatedly appears in the mountainous landscape surrounding the dark eco silo at the final boss fight. It is difficult to see during the final boss fight since everything is dark and purple, but it is easily viewable from the silo after completing the boss fight as the weather returns to normal.

Identities & Origin

The identity of the face is texture artist Adam Marquis. He was also the one that snuck the image into the game.

Jak II

The ripped city-back-room-01.png photo of the development team members.
The photo can be seen through the wall if the tie renderer is disabled.

A picture of development team members can be found hidden in Jak II. It can be found in a corner near the green security gate. The photo is titled city-back-room-01.png and can be found in the ctygenb-vis-tfrag folder.

Identities & Origin

The developers in the photo are (from upper left going clockwise) Tate Mosessian, Bruce Straley, Adam Marquis, Simon Craghead, Rob Adams, Erick Pangilinan, and Don Poole. These were most of the developers that worked on creating the world environments in the game. The photo was put into the game as an easter egg by Rob Adams.

The earliest mention of this easter egg online is in a video titled "New Jak And Daxter 2 Easter egg" by Juan Gallegos from February 15, 2014.

Jak 3

Similarly, a collage of team members can be found hidden in Jak 3. The photo is titled city-port-litwindow.png and can be found in the ctyport-vis-tfrag folder.

Identities & Origin

Rob Adams was also responsible for creating and adding the developer photo in Jak 3.

The earliest mention of this easter egg online is in a video titled "Secrets and Easter Eggs - Jak and Daxter Series Episode 1" by vingamer's Gaming from March 29, 2008.