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Triggering statue glitch with dupe state and yellow eco

Statue glitch is a softlock that occurs when Jak's character model completely freezes in place, with the exception of blinking eyes. The glitch can occur in different ways and in all three games of the main trilogy, but the only known ways to consistently trigger it are in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. The only known ways to exit statue glitch are reloading your save file, using free cam in debug mode, or resetting your console.

The following are known ways to consistently trigger statue glitch:

  • By shooting yellow eco while grounded with dupe state active.
  • By deloading a mirror in Forbidden Jungle during the animation of Jak looking into it.

Statue glitch is not exclusive to just Jak. On rare occasions, and for unknown reasons, the sculptor's muse can experience the statue glitch in Misty Island as seen in the video below.

Statue Glitch in Misty Island

Sculptor's Muse Statue Glitch

Statue Glitch Using Dupe State


It is unknown who discovered or experienced statue glitch first since it could potentially happen to anyone during casual play. Consistent statue glitch with the use of dupe state was discovered by Ruh on February 23, 2019.

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