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Bridge Blast is an emulator exclusive glitch in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy that lags the game to the point where it begins messing with the game physics of the bridge located above the fisherman in Forbidden Jungle.


By using checkpoint bypasses while out of bounds, Jak can enter Forbidden Jungle so that Sandover Village is the active level. This, plus the use of a pause cutscene trigger via the Forbidden Jungle mirrors, allows Jak to start the fisherman minigame in a way that triggers "ramdisk loading" lag, which lags the game to 1 frame per 0.783 seconds. For some reason, over time, this lag begins to disrupt the physics of the bridge above. The wooden planks begin to drastically and almost instantly shift positions, reaching distances way outside of the game's intended range. If Jak is positioned correctly, these planks can make contact with him and carry Jak along for the ride as they shift positions.

Video Tutorial


Bridge Blast was discovered by Ruh on November 15, 2017.