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A Flut Flut escape is a glitch by which Flut Flut can be broken out of the area in which she was intended to be used by Jak. This allows Jak to ride her around in the rest of the level, and even out of that level entirely. This can be performed in both Boggy Swamp and Snowy Mountain, with the latter being much easier. Once Flut Flut has escaped, the player may continue on foot at any time by either saving then loading or dying, which will return Flut Flut to her pad and spawn Jak at the most recently passed checkpoint.

Since Flut Flut only exists in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, this glitch cannot be performed in later games of the series. However in Jak 3, similar glitches can be performed with Leapers.

Boggy Swamp

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There are multiple variants of the Boggy Swamp escape, however the most commonly used method involves jumping Flut Flut off a raised wooden platform and clipping through a nearby wall to get out of bounds. From here Jak can traverse out of bounds to other parts of the level and then jump Flut Flut back inbounds through a wall. While this sounds simple to perform, the initial clip through the wall to get out of bounds can prove tricky.

As Boggy Swamp consists of many separated areas, this escape has not found much use in most speedruns of the game as once Flut Flut enters an area, she will most likely need to clip out of bounds again to reach another nearby area. However this escape does provide a method of accessing areas usually reached by a blue eco launch pad, without the use of eco, which proves incredibley useful in Low Eco speedruns. Flut Flut can also be taken outside of Boggy Swamp and into Rock Village, however not much progress can be made before the game crashes.

Snowy Mountain

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The Flut Flut escape in Snowy Mountain is much easier to perform and was found by many casual players before it's use in speedruns. Jak must simply jump her up onto the ledge behind her pad, where further progress will be blocked by an invisible wall. Moving over to the wall closest to the pad, Flut Flut then must jump up the wall before ground pounding and jumping again to get over the wall and out of bounds, being careful not to go too far. Then just guide Flut Flut around the side of the invisible wall and back in bounds.

Since Snowy Mountain is such an open level Flut Flut can be easily taken anywhere and can do anything Jak could normally do on foot in the level, only much faster. This gives this escape many applications in a variety of different speedrun categories. Jak can also use the gondola, whilst still riding Flut Flut, back down to Volcanic Crater where she can be ridden around a little. However the gondola cutscene can even be skipped by performing Gondola Skip on Flut Flut.


Taking Flut Flut far enough out of either Boggy Swamp or Snowy Mountain will result in a game crash. Specifically this will occur when the player hits a loading trigger for one of the other surrounding levels in the game (this does not include the "hub levels" Rock Village and Volcanic Crater). The game will only keep a maximum of 2 levels loaded at a time and so, upon hitting a load trigger for a 3rd level, it will deload the level in which Flut Flut should be contained, causing a crash since the game does not expect Jak to still be riding Flut Flut when this happens.

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