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No Lava Tube Skip, or No LTS, is a speedrun category for Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. The category prohibits the use of Lava Tube skip to bypass the 72 power cell requirement to get to Gol and Maia's Citadel. It is the most popular and beginner friendly speedrun category for Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.


No Lava Tube Skip was originally the Any% category before the discovery of Lava Tube skip.


The following will be a list of various strategies used in No Lava Tube Skip speedruns.

Current Route

Misty Island Rolljump Alternative

An early game difficulty a lot of new runners encounter is the rolljump in Misty Island that is performed after collecting the ambush power cell. There is an alternative strat that is available, but it does lose some time.

Blue Sage Cutscene Skip

The first technical skip a runner will encounter in a No LTS run is Blue Sage cutscene skip. It can be confusing at first glance as to what is actually happening during the skip, so here is a video to explain everything that is happening.

LPC Elevator Death Warp

An elevator is used to enter Lost Precursor City. This elevator passes down through the death plane of Rock Village. Dying in this death plane while Lost Precursor City loads in allows Jak to skip the majority of the elevator ride and respawn at the beginning of LPC.

LPC Puzzle Skip

In Lost Precursor City there is a puzzle section that rewards Jak with a power cell if completed. This puzzle can be skipped entirely.

LPC Piggyback Skip

Jak is able to stand on top of the double lurkers in Lost Precursor City. With this, Jak can do a crouch high jump off of a double lurker and gain enough height to clear the wall collision before the first slide. Getting out of bounds here allows Jak to navigate to the power cell you get after completing the rising dark eco vent earlier than intended.

LPC Vent Skip

Creating this guide has made me realize that there are a lot of skips in LPC. This skip uses a platform to jump out of bounds near the second slide. This allows Jak to fall down onto the vent power cell without passing through a checkpoint at the end of the second slide.

Klaww Skip

There are two ways to skip Klaww; lava walk and idle deload. Although lava walk is faster, it is extremely inconsistent. The idle deload method is a little more complicated but much more beginner friendly.

Red Sage Cutscene Skip

Red Sage cutscene skip is a trick used to open the Red Sage teleport gate and skip the cutscene that follows.

Snowy Mountain Flut Flut Tricks

Getting Flut Flut out of bounds in Snowy Mountain allows for many unintended tricks and skips. The following video will cover the ones useful for speedruns.

Fortress Power Cell Animation Cancel

While on Flut Flut, a camera trick can be performed in the Snowy Mountain fortress to skip the power cell animation.

Gondola Skip on Flut Flut

The gondola used to go between Snowy Mountain and Volcanic Crater can be skipped both on foot and on Flut Flut. In No LTS, the skip is performed on Flut Flut. Jak is able to jump out far enough and dive while on Flut Flut to clear the death barrier and fall down into Volcanic Crater straight to the miners.

Keira Cutscene Skip

Keira cutscene skip is similar to Red Sage cutscene skip. Using a pause buffer to trigger the cutscene then dying before the pause buffer finishes allows for the cutscene to be skipped entirely.

Citadel Skip

Citadel skip abuses one of the oldest known checkpoint bugs in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. Jak uses a pause buffer, triggers a cutscene, then dies before the pause buffer ends to skip the cutscene entirely. On black label copies of the game, this death results in a checkpoint bug that respawns Jak at the top of Citadel, skipping the entire level. (Check here to see if your version of the game is compatible with this skip)