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Software we recommend for streaming or recording Jak and Daxter speedruns/gameplay.

Highly Recommended

  • Open Broadcaster Software - The industry standard for live streaming and screen recording.
  • LiveSplit - A timer program used by speedrunners. Highly customizable and full of features.
  • OpenGOAL Launcher - A native PC port of the Jak and Daxter series. The best option for speedrunners that don't want to purchase equipment for PlayStation 2 video capture and streaming.


  • PCSX2 - The best open source PlayStation 2 emulator on the market. OpenGOAL is a significantly better alternative to emulating the first two Jak games.
  • Discord - You probably already have this installed. The Jak Speedruns Discord server is the primary location for community communications.
  • Microsoft Clipchamp - A free video editor built into Windows devices. Very useful for cutting and trimming videos without having to worry about technical editing jargon.
  • - An online tool that allows you to download a copy of any Twitch clip. Just paste the clip URL and download.