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Here you can find the basic setup for your streams and what you might need!

OBS Setup

  • OBS is the most used streaming/recording program, but you can find alternatives in Software!

Italian Trulli

  • Important is the Bitrate. You don't want to have it too high but also not too low, otherwise anything will be barely visible. So keep this in mind.
  • The Video Encoder is different for some users, this depends on if you use AMD or Nvidia.
  • For recording you can use the same or similar settings and up the bitrate to your liking (and what your PC can handle).


  • For hardware it's depending on your need. For console runs you will obviously need a console (duh), but also a capture card.
    • Recommended captures cards are for example for the PS2 you'd need a GV-USB2 and a AV 2 HDMI
    • For other consoles such as PS3, PS4 or PS5 you'd need a Elgato Capture Card or similar.
  • If you plan on running the PC Port, you will only need a copy of Jak and Daxter. For further information about this, be sure to check out the OpenGOAL Page!


  • For more information about the correct version, check Version Check.
  • For more information about any software, be sure to check Software.
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