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All Missions focuses on finishing the game while completing every main mission.


Currently listed category rules are as follows:


  • Beat the game as fast as possible from a new game.
  • You must complete all of the main missions listed by the game in the Level Select menu.
  • You cannot use the Level Select itself during the run.
  • A mission is deemed "completed" once its end trigger has been hit. Start triggers do not count towards this definition
  • No additional restrictions except those under game rules


  • Start
    • Timing starts from the moment you gain control over Jak (when the black screen fades).


  • Timing ends when you get the final hit on Dark Maker.
  • Note: When submitting runs, please do not include milliseconds in your time. That slot exists solely for Race Track ILs.
  • Debug mode is not allowed.


Notable Strategies & Techniques




Other Notes

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