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A zoomer escape is a means through which the Zoomer can be taken outside of the area in which it was intended to be used by Jak. This allows Jak to ride it around in the rest of the level and/or outside of that level entirely. This can be performed in Misty Island, Precursor Basin and Lava Tube. There are no currently known methods to perform a zoomer escape in Fire Canyon or Mountain Pass. Once a zoomer escape has been performed, the player may continue on foot at any time by either saving then loading or dying, which will return the zoomer to its pad and respawn Jak at the most recently passed checkpoint.

Misty Island

A zoomer escape can be performed on Misty Island by precisely ramping off a rock near the bridge leading towards the ambush arena. This allows for the zoomer to be taken around the rest of the level, and by riding the boat, around parts of Sandover Village. This has no current use in speedruns.

Precursor Basin

A zoomer escape can be performed in Precursor Basin by jumping onto an elevated grassy patch near the entrance to the level and jumping over the invisible wall. This allows for the zoomer to be taken around parts of Rock Village. It has no current use in speedruns.

Lava Tube

A zoomer escape can be performed in Lava Tube by first collecting six blue eco clusters at the start of the level for more speed, and then jumping off to the left of the final ramp of the level, onto the arch above the entrance to Gol and Maia's Citadel. If performed correctly, this allows the zoomer to clip through the textured rock wall and be taken into Gol and Maia's Citadel. This trick saves time in certain speedrun categories and is most commonly known as citadel hops.


Taking zoomer too far outside of its intended area will result in a game crash or statue glitch. Specifically this will occur when the player hits a loading trigger for one of the other surrounding levels in the game. The game will only keep a maximum of 2 levels loaded at a time and so, upon hitting a load trigger for a 3rd level, it will deload the level in which the zoomer should be contained, causing a crash or statue glitch since the game does not expect Jak to still be riding zoomer when this happens.


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