Void Out

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Void out being performed in the Forbidden Jungle temple.

A void out is a glitch in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy that allows Jak to die within the void while walking within it. When levels are stacked vertically on top of each other, the top level's void tends to be within the bottom level, geographically speaking. When both top and bottom levels are loaded and Jak is present in the bottom level while the game believes him to be in the top level, Jak will be walking within the top level's void while in the bottom level. If Jak dies, he is returned to his last checkpoint in the level the game believes him to be in.

Void outs are only useful in two scenarios. The first is elevator skip when heading down to Lost Precursor City. The second is the Forbidden Jungle temple void out, which is only theoretically useful in the Low Eco category.

The only levels that are stacked vertically are:

  • Rock Village and Lost Precursor City
  • Forbidden Jungle and the Forbidden Jungle temple.


There are games that Jak and/or the camera have to pass through in order for certain


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