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Ruh is a speedrunner, glitch hunter, and content creator of the Jak and Daxter video game series. He is the creator of all websites under the domain.

A normal picture of Ruh at Sentinel Beach


Ruh joined the Jak and Daxter speedrunning community Discord server on June 29, 2017 after watching headstrong1290's Any% run at Awesome Games Done Quick 2017. Since then, he has actively participated in community events and discussion.


Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Glitch Hunting

Useful Speedrunning Strats

  • Low Eco
- No Eco Misty Balloon Lurkers Power Cell
- No Eco Forbidden Jungle Locked Temple Door Power Cell
- No Eco Forbidden Jungle Scoutfly Power Cell
- No Eco Mountain Pass on Zoomer
- No Eco Boggy Swamp Scoutfly Power Cell
- No Eco Unblock Eco Harvesters with Roll Jumps
  • 100%
- Jump Pad Room Roll Jump
- Spider Tunnel Orb Crates without Yellow Eco Vent
  • Misc
- That one ground pound at the end of Geyser Rock lmao

Jak II

Glitch Hunting

  • Dark Bomb Floating Lurkers

Useful Speedrunning Strats

  • Gunless
- Protect Samos
- Mountain Temple Skull Gem Farming


  • JakSpeedruns websites
  • Jak Randomizer
  • Jak II Hack Tool


Online Profiles and Channels