Klaww Skip

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Klaww Skip is a skip used in most categories to avoid fighting the Klaww boss, instead going directly to Mountain Pass, skipping the battle entirely. There are two known methods to perform the skip.

Lava Walk

The fastest method to perform Klaww Skip is to perform a Lava Walk after reforming the bridge the first time during the fight. By walking to the end and jumping up the ledge, Klaww will have been skipped, and the player can continue through Mountain Pass. There is no known way to consistently perform this version of the skip, with most players citing a 1/4 or 1/5 chance of success. This method also regularly causes the camera to behave strangely in Mountain Pass, making it more difficult to drive.

Idle Deload

An alternative method of Klaww Skip can be performed by first achieving Boulder Skip, and approaching the boss fight area. A short cutscene with Klaww will play. From here, the player must climb back down, and walk a short way into Boggy Swamp. An Idle Deload is then used to deload Boggy Swamp, and respawn you directly at the closes checkpoint of Mountain Pass, which from this position is after Klaww.

The skip is demonstrated below by OutrageousJosh.