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Climb up 1st slide by doing a rolljump highjump onto wooden crate, continually triple jumping up slide until you get next to dark eco crate, then pressing triangle to save load to elevator
Climb up 1st slide by doing a rolljump highjump onto wooden crate, continually triple jumping up slide until you get next to dark eco crate, then pressing triangle to save load to elevator
Load to Rock Village
Go up elevator
'''44 Power Cells and about 285 orbs'''
Save/Load to Rock Village
'''43 Power Cells and about 285 orbs'''
== Rock Village 2 ==
== Rock Village 2 ==

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This category is focused on watching every single cutscene programmed into Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. A list of all of the cutscenes can be found on the All Cutscenes (Jak 1) page.

WARNING: Not Updated Splits: https://mega.nz/file/t2QmjZrC#94cm_hfyQYGfgvYg9U5mCwZypb_8aj2YbDlbOB7p8ug

Starting Run

Turn on play hints

Press New Game and select a file to overwrite

Timer begins when you select Yes

Geyser Rock


Walk up to the orbs and wait for cutscene to activate

Get all Cells while skipping 9 orbs:

  • Skip beach orbs and 3 orbs on pillar right of small green eco pellets

4 Power Cells and 41 Orbs

Sandover Village 1

Keira x2 and Samos x1 alternating

Mayor x3 and Uncle x2 alternating (also get Mayor scout fly)

Sculptor x2

Uncle x1

Bird Lady x3 and Farmer x2

Get Sandover Orb Vent

Farmer x1

Herd first 2 Yakows

Oracle x2

Scout Fly on upper platform

Herd the rest of the Yakows but don't get the cell

Go to Forbidden Jungle

4 Power Cells and about 70 Orbs

Forbidden Jungle

Repeatedly die to the snake on the right until you get all 11 death animations

(Start doing 100% route)

Straight to eco machine

Break the first mirror

Get Scout Fly and jump down to Island Cell

Use blue eco pad to jump up to first mirror

Go towards bridge and activate the bridge cutscene

Cross bridge and get scout fly on outside of temple

Climb temple

Blue Eco Vent

Get all orbs on both jump platforms

Get eaten by Plant Boss

Defeat Plant Boss

Drop down and do river section

Jump up and get Door Cell

Get scout fly by 2nd mirror and do 2nd mirror

3rd mirror

Go left and across bridge to 4th mirror

Do 4th mirror and get scout fly cell (You can do the cutscene skip)

Go to fisherman

Press No at first opportunity

Talk to fisherman again and press yes and complete fish

Climb up cliff and drop down to complete final mirror, getting the 6 orbs

Save and load to Sandover

11 Power Cells and about 217 Orbs

Sandover Village 2

Keira x2

Take boat to Misty Island

Misty Island 1

(Do first part of 100%)

Capture muse

Go towards zoomer

Kill all zeppelin lurkers, get scout fly, and floating cell

Leave zoomer section

Go right and get the scout fly at the top of the route

Take boat back to Sandover Village

13 Power Cells and about 269 orbs

Sandover Village 3

Save and load to the hut

Keira x1

Get both Mayor cells x2

Get both scout flies on the way to Sentinel Beach

15 Power Cells and about 179 orbs

Sentinel Beach

Trigger pelican cutscene

Climb lighthouse use cannon on all boxes (do NOT shoot pelican)

Boosted to pillar boxes and get blue eco

Jump down to beach and get orbs from broken crates

Swim to Pelican and open orb vent

Punch pelican

Get orbs on steps and get Pelican Cell

Go across bridge by waterfall

Scout fly on beach

Get orbs under logs (uppercut far log once)

Get blue eco

Scare birds and get scout fly on 1st sentinel

Scare birds and get cell on 2nd sentinel

Scare birds last time and go back to blue eco

Use eco pad to launch to scout fly

High Jump off log to get scout fly

Green Eco Vent Cell

Get birds cell

Cross the cliff to punch down flut flut egg

Bird Lady Cell

Get scout fly cell and Explore Beach Cell

Load out of Sentinel into Sandover

23 Power Cells and about 300 orbs

Sandover Village 4

Talk to sculptor for muse cell

Walk into sandover for fire canyon reminder cutscene

Save and load to hut

Samos x2

Take boat to Misty

24 Power Cells and about 303 orbs

Misty Island 2

Go right and climb up to scout fly next to ambush door

Jump down and enter door

Go into center of arena and activate ambush

Defeat ambush and get cell over dark eco pool

Climb up and get cannon cell (jump over fence to where you would do the roll jump from and ground pound the rocks to the left of the pillar to climb)

Roll jump backup to scout fly (or roll jump like in No LTS if you're more comfortable with that)

Get scout fly and jump down right

Use blue eco to open vent

Get the cell on the ship

Get scout fly by rolling barrels

Rolljump off platform to Scout Fly Cell

Go straight and get 2 eco for blue eco platform

Get Pillar cell

Take the boat back to Sandover

29 Power Cells and about 363 orbs

Sandover Village 5

Save and load to hut

Samos x2 (leave hut and return for second cutscene)

Setup Wet Feet by jumping in fountain

Get scout fly in fisherman's hut

Get 2nd Fire Canyon reminder (happens automatically)

Get Uncle Cell

Wet feet to get both Oracle Cells

Yakow Cell from Farmer

Get scout fly cell in farmer's hut

Go up to Fire Canyon, only getting orbs until you hit 39 orbs

34 Power Cells and about 39 orbs

Fire Canyon


Complete Fire Canyon with scout flies but do not pass 89 orbs

36 Power Cells and less than 90 orbs

Rock Village 1

Get Scout Fly behind hut

Walk away from hut to get a reminder

Watch Blue Sage Cutscene

Samos x2 and Keira x2 alternating

Scout Fly under steps

Geologist x3 and Oracle x2 alternating

Gambler x3 and Warrior x2 alternating

Get Scout Fly on Dock

Go to LPC and get all orbs on pontoons

36 Power Cells and about 95 orbs

Lost Precursor City 1

Go down elevator (You can do Elevator Skip)

100% up until puzzle

Complete puzzle to open door

Close door

Open door and get cell

Go towards Piggyback and press button to raise platforms

Do Piggyback and get cell

Boosted to Platform Cell

Button to raise platforms

Go down slide and jump over last wooden box and open chamber

Get Scout Fly Cell

Go down 2nd slide and die at the end

Vent clip and get orbs in tube

Punch down and get cell **DO NOT PAUSE BUFFER CELL**

Die after cutscene

Raise chamber and get the cell

Go back down chamber

Climb up 1st slide by doing a rolljump highjump onto wooden crate, continually triple jumping up slide until you get next to dark eco crate, then pressing triangle to save load to elevator

Go up elevator

Save/Load to Rock Village

43 Power Cells and about 285 orbs

Rock Village 2

SF behind meteor

Use Blue Eco to get orb vent

Keira x3

Go to Basin, getting scout fly on the way

44 Power Cells and about 270 orbs

Precursor Basin 1

STAY UNDER 349 ORBS after basin


Dead Man’s Gorge

Get Purple Lurkers Cell

Try to get exactly 349 orbs

Get Dark Eco Plants

Load out of Basin, or save/load if you pick up 349th orb after plants

44 Power Cells and 349 Orbs

Rock Village 3

Samos x2

Keira x1

Oracle x2

Geologist x2

Get both SFs on way to Boggy and leave cell at entrance

48 Power Cells and 19 Orbs

Boggy Swamp

100% up to Boggy Billy without getting scout flies

Talk to Boggy Billy and say No

Talk again and say yes

100% rest of Boggy Swamp without scout flies

Get cell outside of Boggy

Load to Rock Village

57 Power Cells and 219 Orbs

Rock Village 4

Gambler x2

Warrior x1

Talk to Keira at Eco Machine

60 Power Cells and 39 Orbs

Mountain Pass

Fight Klaww and get cell

Fail Mountain Pass

100% Mountain Pass


64 Power Cells and 89 Orbs

Volcanic Crater 1

Get Scout Fly at entrance of VC

Walk into and out of hut to get reminder

Red Sage Teleporter

Keira x1

Samos x2

Miners x3

Get orbs in cave and on way to Oracle

Oracle x2

Teleport to Hub 2

64 Power Cells and 105 Orbs

Rock Village 5

Go to Basin

Precursor Basin 2

Get all orbs in Basin

Purple Rings

Lake Cell

Scout Fly Cell

Blue Rings

Load out of Basin

68 Power Cells and 225 Orbs

Rock Village 6

Get orbs over pontoons

Lower submarine to LPC

68 Power Cells and 234 Orbs

Lost Precursor City 2

Get Final Scout Fly

Go down 2nd slide getting orbs and die at the end

Vent Clip into tube and get all orbs

Grab cell at bottom and watch cutscene

Load after cutscene

Leave through the submarine [70] [295]

70 Power Cells and 295 Orbs

Rock Village 7

Teleport to Hub 3

70 Power Cells and 295 Orbs

Volcanic Crater 2

Ride Gondola to Snowy

Snowy Mountain 1

Get first blocker and go through middle path

Get all orbs on the way and on the bridge

Jump down and get orbs and scout fly in snow under bridge

Go towards Glacier Trooper to get checkpoint but don't kill trooper

Do Flut Flut Skip and lower fortress gate

Die and go into fortress

Get both scout flies and open vents with eco, getting all orbs

Get power cell in fortress

If you have 360 orbs, make way back to gondola, or get orbs on snowball hill until 360

Ride down Gondola

72 Power Cells and 360 Orbs

Volcanic Crater 3

Miners x6

Go to Spider Cave

76 Power Cells and 0 Orbs

Spider Cave


Do 100% Spider Cave route, but skip a lot of extra orbs

84 Power Cells and about 170 Orbs

Volcanic Crater 4

Samos x2

Miners x2

Gondola to Snowy

84 Power Cells and about 170 Orbs

Snowy Mountain 2

Right path towards Ice Cave

Go straight to Flut Flut and get her out

Get blockers on way to Ice Cave and get Cell in Ice Cave

Finish blockers on ice and kill Glacier Trooper

Get Scout Fly on Cliff

Jump down to blocker and get scout fly outside of yellow eco room

Yellow Vent Switch

Jump down to get red eco under bridge and kill Glacier Trooper

Jump up and get blockers on the way to Bunny Cave

Go through bunny cave and then go up snowball hill

Finish blockers and kill last Glacier Trooper

Get Blocker's Cell and Scout Fly Cell

Make sure you have 240 Orbs at this point, if not, go back into snowy to get to 240 orbs

Do Gondola Skip

90 Power Cells and about 240 Orbs

Volcanic Crater 5

Oracle x2

Scout Fly Cell on way to Lava Tube

91 Power Cells

Lava Tube

Orbs no longer matter

Beat Lava Tube getting Scout Flies as well

Gol and Maia's Citadel

Watch Portal Cutscene

Pause Buffer before Citadel Cutscene and get scout fly, but don't die

Watch Citadel Cutscene

Instantly Save and Load to top of Citadel

Boosted to Blue Sage platform

Get Blue Sage Cell and watch cutscene

Go into room and get scout fly, then die

Jump down to Yellow Sage and get cell

Go across pizzas to get scout fly, and jump down to get scout fly in jump pad room

Go back to main room and go clockwise to red sage, getting both scout flies on the way

Get Red Sage Cell

Climb up steps to top of Citadel


Get Green Sage Cell

Go up Elevator and go to Final Boss

Don't skip first phase roar cutscene

Uppercut first bomb to get death cutscene

Don't skip 3rd phase roar cutscene

Before collecting Light Eco, save the game and take out memory card

Collect Light Eco and skip through credits

Fight Final Boss but die to bomb

Load the save made during Final Boss

Take blue eco platform up to citadel

Fall down to scout fly and pick up cell

Die and defeat final boss again

Skip through end credits

Timer ends when final cutscene cuts to black