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This page is dedicated to publicly archiving all unlisted discoveries, history, and information in the Jak and Daxter speedrunning community so the knowledge is not lost to time. It is called The Giver as a reference to the book, which shares the same name, that is about passing down the knowledge of generations.

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

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Historical Moments

Memories Not Forgotten

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Ruh 1: Ruh Joins the Jak Speedrunning Community

The Discovery of Speedrunning

June, 2017. I'm in bed unable to fall asleep binge watching YouTube videos about glitches in video games. I end up being recommended EZScape's Top 10 Biggest Skips In Speedrunning #3 video and see that Jak and Daxter is in the thumbnail. I had completed a casual playthrough of The Precursor Legacy on emulator 2 year earlier, so I was interested in what "big skips" I might have missed. Prior to my casual playthrough, I hadn't played the game since 2003, and it was the first game I ever beat. Anyways, I clicked the video and what I witnessed was incredible. Someone had figured out how to skip the Lava Tube requirement of 72 power cells and the game could be beaten in under 30 minutes. This was my first introduction to speedrunning as a concept.

Finding Headstrong

After EZScape's video, I looked up Jak and Daxter speedruns on YouTube and the first recommended video was Headstrong1290's AGDQ 2017 Jak and Daxter Any% speedrun with a completion time of 25:35. I was in absolute shock as to how a game that took me 6 hours casually could be beaten in 25 minutes. I watched the whole video and was beyond impressed. I then went to Twitch to see if anyone was streaming Jak and Daxter speedruns, but no one was at the time. I did, however, see a VOD that had been saved on a channel belonging to a streamer named OutrageousJosh. I clicked follow on his profile to ensure I was notified of his next stream and went to bed.

Finding Josh

The next afternoon after getting home from my community college classes, I logged on to see OutrageousJosh was live and speedrunning Jak and Daxter. I didn't really know what to say or ask, so I watched in silence for a few minutes. I finally broke my silence by saying hello in chat while Josh was in Fire Canyon. He said hello back and I began asking questions. There were some he was unable to answer and said I should ask Kuitar, so he pointed me to the community's Discord server. I responded with "Why would I ask a guitar?", and was hilariously corrected to "Kuitar, not guitar. With a K, not a G".

First Contact

Ruh's first Jak Speedruns Discord message in #lobby

Instead of making contact like a normal person in the Discord server, I quickly put together a website hosted on 000webhost and running on the MyBB forum platform. I titled the website "Jak Archive" and parked the domain name I didn't want to be another person joining the community asking the same questions, so on June 29, 2017, I typed a message in #lobby telling everyone I was working on the Jak Archive website. A little over a month later, on July 31, 2017, I completed my first offline speedrun of Jak and Daxter. It was of the Any% category, now know as No FCS. I wanted to run the shortest category possible, which was this at the time, and I learned Lava Tube Skip on emulator with a Gamecube controller.

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