Robot Skip

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Robot Skip is a sequence break in Jak II: Renegade that lets the player reach the end of the Weapons Factory without completing the robot combat challenge. The trick involves preemptively loading and crossing a deathplain corresponding to the Krew fight arena, causing Jak to respawn at the arena's entrance and ignoring the conditions to unlock the area as intended.


The skip works by nature of the level's geometry. The robot room sits below the final region of the Weapons Factory, separated by an elevator. The top of the elevator possesses a particularly low deathplain that can be interacted with from far below. The room preceeding the robot fight also happens to sit at a higher altitude, corresponding to the plain's height. Due to this relationship, the player is able to simultaneously load the bottom of the elevator as well as the upper deathplain by entering the robot room and then backtracking to a higher area. Once this set up is done, the player can then JET board hover high enough to trigger a falling death and subsequently respawn Jak at the top of the elevator prior to the Krew fight.